Purpose of this Blog

          Hello, Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.  Before I tell you my mission, I want to give you a brief history of myself and what led me to create this blog.  Two years ago I graduated from Portland State University with my Teaching License and my M.Ed.  My goal was to become a fulltime teacher as soon as possible after graduation.  During my time in grad school the recession hit the economy and by the time I graduated, teaching jobs were sparse.  Those that were getting hired tended to be teachers that were laid off from another position because of budget cuts.  Like many gradutes who don’t get an immediate teaching job, I ended up joining some substitute pools in the SE portland area.  Because the pools have gotten so big, finding consistent work is often very difficult, but I managed to scrape by. 

       Unfortunately earlier in the summer a letter came in the mail stating that the North Clackamas School District needed all of their current subs to reapply to be a substitute.  They then mentioned that they were going to be cutting over half of their substitute pool.  a few weeks after reapplying  I got a letter in the mail that said I was not one of the few who were selected for an interview to become a substitute teacher in the very district that I had been subbing in for 2 years.  This was devistating because the North Clackamas School District had given me about 90-95% of my work over the years.  With summer fast approaching its end, my savings that I set aside from each paycheck during the school year, has dried up.  We are now left with just my wife’s income from her nanny position.  I am currently trying to scramble as fast as I can and get a job immediatly, because my wifes income only covers less then half of our bills.  We may being moving in with a relative in a matter of weeks and try to scratch by until I find stable work.  But despite all these problems, the black cloud that is looming on the horizon is my student loan coming out of deferment in January.  I will soon have to pay off on the load that I took out to go to grad school, and it comes out to over 400 dollars a month.

      With no job, no savings left, and a huge loan repayment coming on the horizon, I began to pray to God.  I have always prayed to God on a daily basis, but I was began spending huge amount of time in prayer, just asking god to guide and direct us with what we need to do.  I also prayed about my student loan and that a miracle could come into our life and help us with it.  I initially recieved no answers to what I should do.  Days became weeks, and weeks have now become months, but I stayed strong and in my faith that god would deliver an answer.  3 nights ago that may have come; and I ingnored it as outlandish and crazy.  But it kept bothering me and I slept very little that night.  The next night the same feeling kept pushing and pulling at me again, and it happened all night long.  Finall after a third night of the same persuasive and persistent feeling keeping me up, I decided to take a leap of faith and act out this vision I have been seeing.

        In this vision a presence comes over me, and suddenly its like a road map is laid out for me on what I need to do.  The map first says “to use his people”, that if I am going to do this, that I need to use christians.  And if these Christians feel led, to donate 1 dollar to help pay off the loan.  The last thing I need to do is spread the goal, I need tell the christian churches and organizations across the nation my plan.  Sound crazy?  Absolutely,  If I were in your shoes I would be skeptical myself.  And the few people I have told about this miracle god is offering me, think I am crazy as well.  They say it is impossible.  Maybe they are right, but i’m going to put my faith in Jesus and go ahead and try this.  I can not prove what I say is true, without you meeting me in person and being around me all the time, but I want you to have faith in my promise, that 100% of every dollar donated will go to paying off the my student loan.  It will not go to any other cause.  As of right now my loan is just over 34,000 dollars. In a year or two my loan will be close to 35,000.  The goal is to have 35,000 people across this nation and the world donate one dollar. If you feel led to donate 1 dollar towards the elimination of my student loan, please do so.  If you are skeptical or do not wish to donate, I completely understand,  and still wish to thank you for taking time to read this blog.

Thank you everyone and God Bless,

Drew Holland


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